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    Make yourself at home. Shadows of Sanity is a Harry Potter next generation RPG set in an alternate universe. The year is 2027 and the wizarding world of England is very different from what the books had planned.

    Blood purity reigns once more. Lord Gabriel Dunst is the Minister for Magic and rules over all of England. Society is divided into Nobles, citizens, prisoners and slaves. Witches and wizards are canon only, while werewolves, vampires and muggles can be OCs.

    We hope you have fun!


    The first update of Shadows of Sanity is nothing less than its opening day! Hurray, we're finally open and excited to receive all the new and awesome members.

    Feel free to ask as many questions as you want! Use and abuse us admins as you see fit (only in the best of ways, lol).

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I am so sorry to have to do this, but the RPG didn't really take off and I can't say it's not my fault also. Perhaps I was in too much of a hurry to open it and didn't take into account some things. Either way, I have not given up on this plot and will probably open again in the future. Those of you who wish to retrieve your applications can log in and do so.
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